2014 SLVRSF, CSEF Participants

The following students were chosen to represent SLVRSF at the Colorado Science & Engineering Fair:

Jacob Lowder                                          Sargent Middle School

Molly Megan Nehring                          Monte Vista Middle School

Nicholas Anthony DuPont                  Monte Vista Middle School

Alyssa Haley Rawinski                          Monte Vista Middle School

Andrew Jared Smith-Martinez         Monte Vista Middle School

Jessica Kern                                              Sargent Middle School

Nicole Miller                                             Ortega Middle School

Brycen Eric Hotz                                      Monte Vista Middle School

Colby William Self                                  Monte Vista Middle School

Claire Sheperd                                        Crest Academy

Daisy Andrea Garcia                              Center High School

Leighton Burt                                           Sargent High School

Tayler A. Rocha                                       Monte Vista High School

Remigio Lucero                                       Centauri Middle School

Hannah Fischer                                       Sierra Grande High School

Cassidy Plane                                           Sargent High School

Mary Hood                                               Sargent High School

Kelsey Elayne Lovell Lindbloom       Salida High School

Alanna Chacon                                        Center High School

Hinal Rathi                                                 Alamosa High School




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