The San Luis Valley Regional Science Fair would not be possible without the dedication and tremendous efforts of many committed individuals, as well as public and private organizations, school districts, Adams State University, government agencies, corporations, professional associations, and local businesses.  These groups sustain the Fair through their financial and resource support, special awards, and most importantly, through providing dedicated volunteers to serve on the Fair’s working committees and/or Board of Directors. Many of these businesses not only make monetary donations, but also allow their employees to serve as judges for the San Luis Valley Regional Science Fair.  Prior to this regional event, many local school fairs are conducted throughout the region.  Each of these fairs is supported by hardworking and dedicated educators at the local school level.  Before a student’s project is accepted at the Regional Fair, it requires the encouragement and support from individual teachers, science fair coordinators, and parents to help the student see their project from conception to the finished exhibit.  The success of the San Luis Valley Regional Science Fair is dependent on all of these dedicated individuals.

To organize and stage the Fair every year requires a great effort by many people, but it also offers many personal challenges and rewards.  To witness the level of achievement, pride, and excitement of these bright young people in their scientific endeavors is one of the rewards that all volunteers of the Fair share.  It also speaks of the high level of students’ aptitude and enthusiasm for science in the SanLuisValley.



Fair Director:  Lucy Adams

The Fair Director is actively involved in all working committees hereto mentioned and is also an ex-officio member of the SLV Regional Science Fair Board of Directors.

Awards Ceremony:

SLV Regional Science Fair Board of Directors

Joy DiCamillo

Judy Prester

Tayler Rocha

Display and Safety:   

Dr. Curtis Crawford


SLV Regional Science Fair Board of Directors


Joy DiCamillo and Judy Prester


SLV Regional Science Fair Board of Directors

Regular Judging:    

Diana Jones – Judge Coordinator

Room Setup: 

SLV Regional Science Fair Board of Directors

Monte Vista High School MESA/Science Club

Parent Volunteers

ASU Facilities

Scientific Review Committee:  

Dr. Larry Sveum – Chair

Curtis Crawford- DVM

Dr. Marty Jones

Ms. Jody Oaks

Dr. Comfort Cover

Dr. Jeff Elison

Ms. Loree Harvey

Rina Kirkland

Kristine Mouzales

Devon Davey

J.Ely Walker


(Note: The Scientific Review Committee must consist of a minimum of three persons.  Additional members are recommended to avoid conflict of interest.  This committee must include:  a biomedical scientist (Ph.D., MD, DDS, or D.O.), a science teacher and at least one other member.  The committee examines projects for the following:  evidence of library search; evidence of proper supervision; use of accepted research techniques; completed forms; signatures and dates; humane treatment of animals; compliance with rules and laws governing human and animal research; appropriate use of recombinant DNA, pathogenic organisms, controlled substances, tissues and hazardous substances and devices; and appropriate documents and substantial expansion for continuation projects.)



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