Mission Statement

The San Luis Valley Regional Science Fair is an organization that:

  • Honors winners from local SanLuisValley school fairs at an annual Regional Science Fair
  • Sends finalists from the Regional Science Fair to the Colorado Science and Engineering Fair (CSEF)
  • Provides two overall winners at the Regional Science Fair with an all expense paid trip to participate in the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF)
  • Encourages students to pursue careers in science, technology, mathematics, or engineering
  • Provides a forum for developing academic skills, such as conducting an independent scientific investigation, writing a research paper, speaking, preparing an organized display, and becoming familiar with the scientific method.

The San Luis Valley Regional Science Fair supports local school fairs by:

  • Providing a forum where local fairs can influence policies, rules, and by-laws of the San Luis Valley Regional Science Fair.
  • Providing rules and requirements for participation in all fairs – Regional, State, and International.
  • Coordinate mentors.
  • Provides judges and critique at local school fairs.

Impact Statement

The following represent some of the impacts the San Luis Valley Regional Fair has had on the San Luis Valley:

Awareness, appreciation, and recognition of the importance of science in our society, livelihoods, academic achievement and lifelong success

  • An increased awareness of academic competition and the importance of science among Valley educators
  • An increased quality of educational activities in all schools in the region
  • An increased usage of libraries and the Internet
  • An increased exposure to robotics, holography, pathology, space art, moon geology, and the scientific method to the general public.

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